Google ‘entertainment device’ in the works: report

Google will reportedly release a "home entertainment device" sometime later this year, marking the Internet company's foray into the world of consumer electronics.
Google will reportedly soon jump into the consumer electronics market with a “home entertainment device,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The fabled device will first work as a wireless music streaming unit, but could later be updated for other purposes.
Currently, Google does not make any electronics of its own. Of course, the Internet giant will soon own Motorola Mobility, which would put Google firmly in the cell phone-making business. And it has
helped beat back Apple’s dominance in the smartphone arena through its development and free distribution of the Android operating system, which is used by a swath of electronics companies.
The Google entertainment system would be a different beast entirely. Reportedly in the works for years, the device would help Google maintain its dominance as the Internet connectivity expands into more and more devices. In this way, the decision to release a gadget of its own mimics Amazon’s strategy with the Kindle line of e-readers and the Kindle Fire tablet.
According to a Google application filed with the Federal Communications Commission in December, which was first uncovered by GigaOm, users “will connect their device to home Wi-Fi networks and use Bluetooth to connect to other home electronics equipment.” The device will be based on Android, reports WSJ, and will run apps.
Google said in its FCC request that it plans to have employees test 252 device units until the middle of July. The device will allegedly be released to the public sometime later this year.