clipix: Organize your life!

clipix is a free, awesome, new and useful tool that is changing the way we organize our lives online. It solves the problem we all have of seeing tons of things online each day and never having a good way to save and organize them. Use clipix to keep everything you find online that you want to save and come back to.
Clipix allows you to maintain customized privacy settings so you can organize your online life and share only with people you want to grant access to your clipboards.

How’s it work? You drag a bookmark called the "Clip" button to your bookmarks bar. You then click it whenever you see anything online that you want to come back to. Everything you clip will be stored in customized clipboards on clipix that you organize and control.
You can make clipboards for anything, whether it’s articles you want to read, gadgets you’re thinking of buying, gift ideas for family members, or recipes you can't wait to try. The list is literally endless.
There are also Syncboards. They allow you to clip collaboratively with your friends or family. When anyone adds a clip to the syncboard, everyone else you collaborate with will see it in real-time. Another awesome feature of clipix is the Multiboards. You can group multiple clipboards by category to stay better organized.
We could go on and on but once you start using it you’ll be as addicted as we are.

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